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We focus on providing the best level of service for people first. Our UX-design solutions are developed according to your business requirements and bring you as close to your customers as possible. Why wait? Book your FREE 1-hour consultation with us today!

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Our services

Technical Consultation

Not sure what technologies will be the right fit for your business? Our team has worked with various successful e-business strategies and assisted getting them to market from the ground up. We know what it takes to integrate technology seamlessly with your platform. From disaster management strategies to software support & maintenance, we've been through it all.

Design & Architecture

No design yet? Not sure what tools you'll need? No problem, we consult experts in the field to bring your ideas to life. We have a project package suitable for a variety of budgets and can guide you every step of the way.

Product Development

Already have a design in place and just need to find a service to get you to market? Our developers are dedicated to ensuring that you leave with a stable, responsive application which will scale effectively to your use case. Whether it is an application that needs to be built from the ground up, or something you already have that requires some finishing touches, no job is too big or too small. Our team is standing by ready to help you ascend to a new level of success.

Book your free 1-hour consultation and get one step closer to making your vision a reality!

About us

Ascension Cloud Solutions is a tech consulting agency based in Wollongong. We work with experts in a wide range of technologies and practices in order to provide businesses a holistic approach that ensures a stable design, execution, and integration when implementing software for your business. From e-commerce websites to enterprise level social networks, we are the one-stop-shop to ensure you get the outcome you desire.

Branding & Responsive Websites

Ready to take the next step

Ready to take the next step in your online journey and dramatically improve the way you do business? Let our team help you put together a stunning website and fast track your success with all the tools you need to conduct a professional marketing platform for your business.

Custom Mobile & Web Applications

Do you need to create something unique and cater more towards the specific needs within your industry? Our team can assist with every stage of custom development required for your web or mobile app idea! Our end to end design, develop, and test practice will deliver the means for you to blow your competitors out of the water.

Support & Maintenance

Struggling with an application that is already built and not sure where to turn? Are you having to manage legacy code leftover from a team of developers who are no longer able to support the project? We are happy to tackle any problem in order to get you a solution that delivers you a result that best accommodates your every need. We employ experts in integrations and migrations who bridge the gap between legacy and bleeding edge tech. Let's get you back on track!

Book your free 1-hour consultation and get one step closer to making your vision a reality!

Our vision

Like our mission says...We are all about bringing your vision to life and executing a precision based approach to your design and implementation. Why risk tens of thousands of dollars by investing in an idea without a dedicated expert in the field to help you navigate the waters and identify hidden costs for your business? You and other businesses aren't alone. Our vision is about bringing businesses together so that we can facilitate synergy, growth, and streamline business processes.


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Why wait to reach your goals in business? Our team of dedicated problem solvers are eager to take on any challenge in order to assist you to reach new heights. Just provide us with information on your business, proposal, timeline, and budget so we can assist you with the best possible package to deliver and execute your vision.